Who Is Phone Us Today?

Phone Us Today is a company which provides any Australian businesses guaranteed first page presence on the world's largest search engine Google. Unlike the rest of the companies out there we don't put you in with thousands of your competitors. We separate each state into zones; each zone is a cluster of suburbs. Most importantly you will be the only business of your kind in your area. We provide all of our clients with exclusive exposure and best of all we provide you with your business name and number on the first page of Google so we are promoting your business not ours. This gives all our clients the best opportunity, with a full page colour advertisement, to put their best foot forward and earn the business of the public.

How does Phone Us Today work?

We guarantee that when a potential customer is using Google to find a service you provide, your business name and number will appear on the first page! Also one click will take them directly to your full-page colour advertisement. This service, offers our small to medium sized advertisers a distinct advantage that is not currently matched by the larger directories that strive to be as big as they possibly can.

How can I have my business listed?

Complete all fields on the Advertise form, and one of our friendly Account Managers will be in touch shortly.

Who designs the advertisement?

At Phone Us Today we have an entire team of Graphic Designers dedicated to complete all the artwork with your input.

Can I change my keywords?

Absolutely having the right keywords is important as all businesses are different and target different type of work. With all our industry experience, our IT Department target the highest searched Keywords for your specific industry. We can be contacted on 1300 972 191 to discuss alternative keywords for you business.

Can I advertise even though you don't currently show ads for my trade?

Absolutely. We have chosen to take a systematic approach to offering the spots, working with one category at a time. However, if you have already heard of all the benefits and want to get onboard, simply complete an Advertise form, and one of our Account Managers will be in touch shortly.

What if there is already a business in the Zone I want providing the same service?

If you have searched and found a business already in the area you want to cover, don't stress, we may not be able to help you in those areas, but there may still be other Zones not yet sold out!

How many competitors will I be listed with?

One of the best benefits that come with advertising with Phone Us Today is its genuine exclusivity. We will only ever have a MAXIMUM of one tradie per zone. So as an advertiser with us, you will be the advertiser in your area.

Is Phone Us Today An Australian Based Company?

Phone Us Today Is Owned and Operated within Australia. Our sales department, customer service team and our Graphic Design experts all work in-house on Australian soil. This means you can contact us in real-time and you will only ever communicate with Aussies at every point of contact.